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Hyde - a new Open-Source Jekyll project

Hyde, a Jekyll backend for editing content for Github pages, has been started by Zack Design/Isaac Rowntree and is succesfully editing content live for two websites already! Check it out on Github. As part of this we moved AC Parts to Bootstrap and Github Pages and are editing it with Hyde and seeing a jump in conversions! more

New Look for Mower Corner

Mower Corner needed a visual refresh to their single page site. The biggest needs were for quicker access to contact information and a far better mobile experience using Bootstrap. Their search ranking went up and we added SSL and more iconography with Font Awesome. It seems that this caused a jump in conversions and Mower Corner has more happy customers. more

Cloudinary Now in Use

Zack Design has updated this website to use Cloudinary to serve re-sized images on the fly for the background images of this website. The images are set for each device or screen used to view this site and should degrade gracefully.

Zack Design on Github and Jekyll

Not content with sitting idly by, Zack Design has been migrated to Github and Jekyll. It is now fully versioned and super fast thanks to this particular mix of technologies. For more information on how to leverage this kind of website design please feel free to contact us using the sidebar or the navigation menu. More technical information: Github hosting and revisions Jekyll ruby script... more

New Look for Breeder's Choice

Breeder’s Choice Packaged Woodshavings were keen to update the look of their site and came to us for help. Since Zack Design now has extensive experience in digital marketing and building websites for end users, search engines, and lead generation, we decided that the best method of showcasing the Breeder’s Choice brand and content was with a single page website. We used parallax to make the b... more